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TOYSFORAUTISM.COM is owned and operated by Peach State Pediatric Therapy, the largest sensory intensive pediatric therapy facility in the southeast. This product is especially made for use in our therapy clinics by an award winning seamstress. Our board certified therapists have had such great success with this product that we now offer it for sale to the general public.

Watch in amazement as your child pushes the marble through the maze more and more intently with each pass. If nothing else has worked for your child, you may have very well found the help you have been seeking for less than $20.00. We have used very expensive manipulation devices in our clinics and have found this small maze to be one of the most effective fine motor builders ever designed. When implemented with a daily sensory routine, this product will quickly show results not only with fine motor, but with confidence and concentration skills as well. We have found that children perform at a higher level in a classroom setting after just 20 minutes of marble mania with the marble maze.

We have never seen it happen, but please remember that there is a marble inside of this maze. If the product becomes worn or torn, please dispose of it in order to avoid any choking hazzard. Always use with direct adult or therapist supervision.