Sensory Spin Disc

Sensory Spin Disc
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Product Description

SPIN DISC A ROTATIONAL DREAM !! This unit is an unparalleled source and vestibular input for any sensory diet. A must have for your home or clinical sensory gym.Unlike other older rotational devices, the Spin Disc has a larger oblong base (26"W x 24" L) that spins freely on an angle. Spin Disc accomodates other positioning devices like feeder seats or angle cushions also available on our site. This product is ideal for all children or adults up to 125lbs. Also works great in combination with the SOS sensory seat pad for the days where a more calm approach is required. Please take advantage of our special pricing on this unit while it last. On a therapeutic level, the Spin Disc is a balance training device designed for use with children with balance or neurological disabilities. This three-dimensional toy features a spinning top disc that allows children to lie down, sit, kneel, or stand while spinning to improve balance and coordination.