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Product Description

These triangle crayons are perfect for young children. They strengthen fine and gross motor skills and encourage proper writing grasp. Each set contains six vibrant colors.

In the late 1980's David Chesar discovered the initial TriWrite product design in his seventh grade science project. The initial project's goal was to find a crayon shape that would improve a child's writing grasp and hand writing skills. The success of the first project sparked his curiosity and subsequent science fair projects. During these projects, grips and crayons were developed to help the average writer, the elderly writer and physically and mentally challenged writers. Marked handwriting improvements occurred in all groups. As word spread, and various awards were won, many individuals requested David's product for their children just beginning to write, their parents suffering from a hand injury, or even their grandparents with arthritis. As a result of growing product demand, David started the TriWrite Company in 1998 and to provide a method to distribute his specialty handwriting instruments. Hopefully, through online availability, the products offered will continue to benefit many more individuals.